Troubled Families Agenda Phase 2: Thinking outside the tick box

Tick box logoOn the 16th of October Bristol City Council hosted the conference Troubled Families Agenda Phase 2: Thinking outside the tick box at the Passenger shed.

The Troubled Families team in Bristol wanted to share the new criteria and vision for phase 2 of the programme 2015 – 2019 and reflect on some of the key themes and learning from phase 1. The underlying purpose of the day was to think outside the tick box and share how to make the collection of information routine and meaningful.

Below you will find attached the agenda and presentations (in PDF form) of the day:

Conference Programe – 16 Oct 2014

1. Emily Ingle – Bristol’s Troubled Families Programme; Lessons learnt

2. Gary Davies – Bristol; An early start

3. Emma Jones – Troubled Families programme expansion

4.Honor Rhodes – A relational approach to thinking about trouble – how can we help families best?

5. Gene Feder – Integrating an effective response to domestic violence and abuse into front line

6. Angela Donkin – How acting on the social determinants of health can reduce inequalities in children’s outcomes

7. TCCR A short guide to working with co-parents 2012

8. TCCR_briefing_children_academicv5_AW

9. TCCR_parenting_interventions_briefing

10. Knowing what you do works

11. How to help families in trouble




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New Bristol Safeguarding Children Board Threshold Guidance

The Bristol Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) is issuing new threshold guidance to assist professionals working with children and families.

The overall aims of the guidance are to:

  • promote and safeguard the welfare of children and young people
  • promote a consistent approach to working with vulnerable children and young people in Bristol
  • promote the belief that children are best cared for in their own families and communities wherever possible
  • improve outcomes for children and young people by supporting us to work together effectively

The guidance is currently in draft form and we would like to take the opportunity to receive feedback on how effectively you think the guidance will achieve those aims.

We would therefore be grateful if you could read the draft and then comment on it by completing a short survey by 29 November 2013. The final guidance will be signed off by BSCB in January and then published.

The draft guidance is available here: BSCB Draft Threshold Guidance

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Short Breaks Survey



Children & Young People’s Services

– Short Break Provision Survey

We want to get your views about short breaks for disabled children.

Your views are important as they will help us plan future services for children.

We have put together a survey which takes around 15 minutes to answer and includes questions to gather your thoughts on the possibility of having a personal budget to help with provision (including short break activities).

If possible, please complete this survey online at:

If you need a paper copy please ring 0117 92 24987 or email Please complete this by Friday 16th August.


If you would like this information in a different format; for example Braille, audiotape, large print or computer disc, or community languages, please contact The Children First Programme Team on the contact details above.


Thank you for your time. Children First Programme Team

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Integrated Family Support – New Contracts Offered

See the updated Integrated Family Support page for details of the new contracts offered.

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2011 Every Child Matters (ECM) Report

The 2011 Every Child Matters (ECM) Report available.

This report arises from a survey of children and young people in primary and secondary schools in Bristol conducted in the Spring and Summer of 2011, following earlier surveys in 2008, 2009 and 2010. It was commissioned by Bristol NHS and delivered in partnership with Bristol City Council.  Continue reading

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Looked After Children Summary Statistics at 31st Mar 2012

Every year we complete a statistical return called SSDA903 to the Department for Education. This includes details of episodes of care received by all Looked After Children, their educational achievements, employment and residential status where applicable, along with other outcome data. It also monitors the regularity of the review process, health & dental checks, etc. See here for more details.

This document CLA100 Summary 2012-03-31 contains a graphical summary of basic statistics concerning children who were looked after on 31st Mar 2012.

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Mid-2011 Population Estimates

The Office for National Statistics have just released the mid-2011 population estimates for Bristol, broken down into 5-year age bands. See here for the Bristol Research Network briefing note on these estimates.

Continue reading

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