Bristol Local Authority Reports: ‘TellUs3’ & ‘TellUs4’ 2008 & 2009 School Based Surveys

‘TellUs3’ & ‘TellUs4’ are school based surveys completed by a representative sample of school aged children and Young People (C&YP) annually in England in years 6, 8 and 10. They ask about views regarding their local area and the five Every Child Matters outcomes.

They are annually delivered school based surveys that occur both nationally and locally. Completed responses were from a representative school sample. Both Bristol and national responses are reported upon and where appropriate, are weighted according to various factors such as gender and poverty for comparison between local and national profiles. The reports present questions asked, but with the addition of responses in the same fashion as presented to respondents.

The data is presented according to sections such as demographics (un-weighted), the five Every Child Matters outcomes and views of the local area (weighted).

Usefully the reports highlight data where there is a significant difference between national and local data. A user friendly traffic light system is employed to illustrate where data positively or negatively significantly differs.

Demographic data such as gender, age and ethnicity are captured

Underneath the five Every Child Matters outcomes, the survey explores aspects such as:-

Being Healthy – Diet, activity, substance use, wellbeing and information, advice and guidance received regarding these.

Staying safe – How safe they feel in their local area, on public transport and in school. Bullying

Enjoying and achieving – Enjoyment of and help to do better at school, activities they would like to take part in and available in their local area.

Making a positive contribution – Involvement in community activity and how well C&YP consider they are listened to at school.

Achieving economic wellbeing – Activities after leaving school and view of  information, advice and guidance provided to help to make decisions of what to do after school.

Name of Report Publisher: Ofsted (2008 & 2009).

Tell Us 3 Data Report 2008.
Tell Us 4 Data Report 2009.

Similar school based survey information, Every Child Matters reports, can also be found here.

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