Troubled Families Bulletin

The national Troubled Families agenda has been widely reported in the media over the past two months following statements from the Prime Minister giving his personal commitment, as well as committing resources, to ‘turn round the lives of Britain’s 120,000 troubled families’. 

This is a cross-government agenda which is led by DCLG. Since the end of 2011, detailed expectations on local areas are starting to become clear. Many of you will become involved with this agenda over the next three years. Attached is the first in a series of bulletins to keep colleagues across the city up to speed with developments.

Click here to see: Troubled Families Bulletin Feb 2012

External Links

Troubled Families Speech (Number 10, 15 December 2011): 

Troubleshooters scheme to tackle ‘troubled families’ (BBC, 15 December 2011): 

Troubled Families (Department for Communities and Local Government, 15 December 2011):

Out of trouble: families with complex problems, a guide for funders (New Philanthropy Capital, May 2012):,TFUN,5JWMLE,2ENJ3,1

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One Response to Troubled Families Bulletin

  1. Adam Bond says:

    These may be of interest?

    High Need Families Project: Development and piloting a new parenting intervention (The Helping Families Programme) for children with severe and persistent conduct problems – Final report


    Strategies for engaging and keeping families in research studies: Key lessons from the Helping Children Achieve Trial


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