Children Known to Social Services – Update Oct 2012

This post updates previously published information concerning children known to social services (see Demographics of children known to Social Care 2007 – 2011).

It shows:

  1. Social Services caseloads by quarter up to 30-09-2012.
  2. Ethnic breakdown of children known to Social Services.
  3. Number of referrals and contacts received by quarter up to 30-09-2012.

The chart below shows the number of Children in Need (CIN), children with a Child Protection Plan (CPP) and Looked After Children (LAC) on the last day of each quarter up to 30/09/2012.

Source: Bristol City Council

Data from the past two years shows that the number of children with a Child Protection Plan (CPP) has steadily increased.

The following chart shows the ethnic breakdown of CIN, CPP and LAC children, compared with the overall school population.

Source: Bristol City Council

There has been a steady increase in the proportion of minority ethnic groups among the citywide school population (Bristol LA schools and academies only). This increase is statistically significant. The apparent changes in proportion among CIN, CPP and LAC are not significant as the base populations are so much smaller.

The next chart shows the numbers of referrals and contacts received by quarter. This has not been published on this blog before.

A referral is defined as a request for service for a child who is not currently allocated to Social Services. A contact is any other contact from the public or other professionals. Our current database does not clearly distinguish between referrals and contacts, so these figures are approximate but realistic. We are in the process of replacing our database with a new one that makes a firm distinction between the two.

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