Mid-2011 Population Estimates

The Office for National Statistics have just released the mid-2011 population estimates for Bristol, broken down into 5-year age bands. See here for the Bristol Research Network briefing note on these estimates.

Although the overall population estimate was roughly unchanged, the number of children and young people turns out to be higher than previously estimated. In 2011, there were an estimated 78,700 children (aged 0-15) living in Bristol. They made up 18.4% of the total population which is a similar proportion to the England and Wales average of 18.8%. The number of 0-15 year olds has increased by 5,200 since 2001, which was a 7% increase compared to an increase nationally of 0.9%. The increase was concentrated in the under 5s – in Bristol the number of 0-4 year olds has increased by 6,200 (26.6%) since 2001, this is twice the national increase of 13.5%.

This will have a bearing on previously published figures for rates per 1000 population.

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