2011 Every Child Matters (ECM) Report

The 2011 Every Child Matters (ECM) Report available.

This report arises from a survey of children and young people in primary and secondary schools in Bristol conducted in the Spring and Summer of 2011, following earlier surveys in 2008, 2009 and 2010. It was commissioned by Bristol NHS and delivered in partnership with Bristol City Council. 

Key points highlighted within the report:

  • There must be some concern about the 11-12% of all children and young people who reported consuming no fruit or vegetables yesterday.
  • The proportion of young people in secondary schools who say they enjoy physical activities must be a signal that there is scope for encouraging more young people to take regular exercise.
  • 1% of secondary pupils drank over the advised weekly limit for adult females of 14 units.
  • Primary pupils in Bristol in 2011 are more likely to say that they do not drink alcohol (62%) than were those in the same schools in 2010 (58%), which was itself higher than in 2009 (53%).
  • 34% of secondary pupils said that at least one person regularly smokes at home.
  • There are some indications that secondary pupils are smoking less now than previously – this is certainly true for the Year 10 students, in keeping with national trends, but overall figures are not down.
  • The gap between offers and use suggests than many young people can and do refuse unwelcome offers of illegal drugs.
  • The most common responses to having a problem are talk to someone and think about it on my own.
  • Although they are a small percentage of the whole sample, the 5% of pupils (6% of Year 10 females) who say they cut or hurt themselves when they have a problem are a significant concern.
  • We are also uneasy with the proportion who use alcohol (4%) or cigarettes (4%) in this context.
  • The Year 6 pupils have scored consistently higher self-esteem scores since the start of the study.
  • Primary pupils in Bristol in 2011 are more likely to say they have washed their hands before lunch yesterday (76%) than were those in the same schools in 2010 (70%), which itself was a modest gain on 2009 (68%).
  • There is a strong association of experiencing bullying with lower self-esteem scores (also seen in 2010).
  • Year 10 Pupils in Bristol who identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual are three times more likely to have been bullied at school in the last year than are their peers (also seen in 2010).
  • Secondary pupils in Bristol in 2010 are more likely to say they had a regular paid term-time job (35%) than were those in the same schools in 2009 or 2011 (21%).
  • Secondary pupils in Bristol in 2010 were much more likely to report voting in a mock general election (up to 48% from 17%); this was of course a general election year.

Every Child Matters 2011 Report: https://bristolchildren.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/ecm-report-2011.pdf

Previous Every Child Matters reports can be found here: https://bristolchildren.wordpress.com/2011/06/09/2010-every-child-matters-ecm-report/

Further detail can be found on the Bristol Health Schools Website (external link): http://www.bristolhealthyschools.org.uk/every-child-matters/

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