Troubled Families Agenda Phase 2: Thinking outside the tick box

Tick box logoOn the 16th of October Bristol City Council hosted the conference Troubled Families Agenda Phase 2: Thinking outside the tick box at the Passenger shed.

The Troubled Families team in Bristol wanted to share the new criteria and vision for phase 2 of the programme 2015 – 2019 and reflect on some of the key themes and learning from phase 1. The underlying purpose of the day was to think outside the tick box and share how to make the collection of information routine and meaningful.

Below you will find attached the agenda and presentations (in PDF form) of the day:

Conference Programe – 16 Oct 2014

1. Emily Ingle – Bristol’s Troubled Families Programme; Lessons learnt

2. Gary Davies – Bristol; An early start

3. Emma Jones – Troubled Families programme expansion

4.Honor Rhodes – A relational approach to thinking about trouble – how can we help families best?

5. Gene Feder – Integrating an effective response to domestic violence and abuse into front line

6. Angela Donkin – How acting on the social determinants of health can reduce inequalities in children’s outcomes

7. TCCR A short guide to working with co-parents 2012

8. TCCR_briefing_children_academicv5_AW

9. TCCR_parenting_interventions_briefing

10. Knowing what you do works

11. How to help families in trouble




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