Child Poverty Strategy

*** Updated Child Poverty Strategy published April 2012 ***

Bristol’s Draft Child Poverty Strategy is now available for consultation. You can read it by clicking here:

Draft Child Poverty Strategy August 2011

Please let us know your thoughts by responding below.

The intelligence that has been used to produce this strategy is available here

2 Responses to Child Poverty Strategy

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  2. Suzanne Wigmore says:

    This is one of the best CP strategies I have seen. But a few comments. P3 para4 figures would be intersting to say if know how many Households include children living in poverty. Also is there an age profile of these children?
    P7 operating priciples, I know these aren’t in order of preference but I’d move no 7 to the top then perhaps make the rest follow in some theme maybe map (no 2) etc.
    p11 It may be clearer break down the 14% of working age population on working age benefit into sick/disabled and looking for work if this is available.
    Financial Support section is excellent in the section on high street credit there should also be metion of illegal and pay day lending, which low income vulnerable working families are vulnerable to. Also the ultimate point in this section, to use the Corporate Debt Policy to aahieve this.
    If there is one omission I think its to identify and make aware of the effect they can have of those services who may not immediately feel they are working in the CP field but can identify those who are most at risk. This should be spread as far as possible amongst all statutory and partnership groups. Could there be some kind of central supporting point for those who are coming across families living in poverty who have little or no support?

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