The Bristol Transitions Vision 2012 -15


Improving outcomes for young people with additional needs aged 14-25



Following a 3 year supported programme of improvements from the National Transition Support Team, the local area Bristol Transitions Board wishes to develop and improve transitions processes for young people aged 14 – 25  that contribute to maximising independence, based on their personal aspirations for social inclusion, education, employment, health & quality of life.  The strategy sets out this vision, the context and outcomes to be delivered.  Your comments on this are now sought to assist us with this process.

Families will be supported from year 9 towards and into adulthood by a range of partner agencies, building resilience and protective factors in the lives of young people, enabling them to become more self reliant, better able to manage their personal and career development, including learning, where they live and how they are supported.  We will work to actively enable young people to participate in these developments too.


Our intention is to improve outcomes for young people in Bristol through the development and improvement of transitions processes that operate across a partnership of stakeholder agencies such as Children & Young People’s Service, Health and Social Care, health services, schools and colleges, employers and so on. By working in partnership with families and young people with additional needs we will strive to

  • Improve the influence of young people and their families through participation
  • Improve arrangements to identify, assess and meet the needs of vulnerable young people with additional needs from year 9, including putting in place supported & integrated pathways into and from specialist services they may require to assist them at school, at home or in their social lives.
  • Improve the quality of and access to useful information for all involved
  • Make services more accessible, attractive, known and relevant to all young people and their families, ensuring equality of access to vulnerable young people.
  • Develop a person centred planning approach to all transitions planning meetings and reviews, with young people taking more control and having a greater say in how their future is supported into adulthood.



We would like your views by 15th June 2012 on the 3 documents published here:-


Your response

Please take time to read the documents and consider for each

  • Is there anything missing?
  • Is anything incorrect?
  • What are your top 3 priorities?
  • How will you or your organisation be able to contribute?
  • What do you see as the main barriers to implementation?
  • Any other comments?

Please leave your response on this site or e-mail


Alternatively you can post your response to Transitions Strategy (MH), Room U27, Council House, College Green, Bristol BS99 7EB

Please note there are also two recent transitions pathways documents we have developed with parents and carers which help describe the transitions process for young people and all participating and the experience parent carers can expect. These are for information.

1 Response to Transitions

  1. Please keep me informed about activities available for the transition year and Year 7&8

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