– CYP Plan –

The Bristol Children and Young People’s Trust have published the Bristol Children & Young People’s Plan 2011-2014

The CYP Plan seeks to add value to the work undertaken by individual agencies by shining a light on our partnership priorities – those which no agency can address on their own.  The plan will inform commissioning and delivery decisions over the next three years in a range of agencies.

The plan focuses on those issues where our needs assessment shows that we have not yet improved performance to the extent we would want, or where it is not yet sustained.  Where the detail behind the priorities is already set out and monitored elsewhere (eg BSCB plan, child poverty strategy, Housing strategy) – the plan says where that detail can be found, rather than replicating it.

Covering Statement:

Dear colleagues

I am delighted to let you know that the Children and Young People’s Plan 2011-2014 has been adopted by Bristol City Council and is now published. You will find the link to the plan below along with its Equalities Impact Assessment.

The plan contains those joint priorities for children and young people which no one agency can address alone, so achievements against the plan will be kept under review by partners in the Children and Young People’s Trust and published annually in a report which we will make widely available. 

Approaching 1,500 people viewed the draft plan during the consultation earlier this year and many of you took the trouble as individuals and groups to return comments and suggestions on the draft.  Thanks to everyone who contributed.  All your responses were carefully considered and almost all were incorporated in some form, so your voices have genuinely shaped the final version of this plan. 

You can see the changes which were made following the consultation in the additional pdf copy of the final document below. All the changes are shown in red.

This wordpress site was originally created to share intelligence for the needs assessment which informed the plan and it will now remain live as a means of ongoing communication across the children and young people’s workforce in the city. Whether you are responding to an information posting, a live consultation, or just want to share with the workforce things which you think should be common currency, please continue to make your voice heard.

This is a very important plan which will help our work together to improve outcomes for children and young people inBristol, and ensure thatBristol’s young citizens are supported to enjoy, learn, and develop to have successful futures.  Please acquaint yourselves with its contents. 

Yours sincerely

Annie Hudson

Strategic Director for Children, Young People and Skills

To view the following documents in pdf format click here:

Bristol Children & Young People’s Plan 2011-2014

Equalities Impact Assessment

Final Draft (including highlighted changes)

Link to the Children & Young People’s Trust website: http://bristolpartnership.org/the-partnership/children-and-young-peoples-trust-board

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