Child Poverty

At its heart poverty is very simple – the family does not have access to enough income and other resources to provide a decent standard of living. This is likely to limit the child’s opportunity to experience an enjoyable childhood.

Download the March 2011 version of Bristol’s Child Poverty Needs Assessment here.

Alternatively, further analysis can be found by exploring the following links and those in the Data and Analysis link above.

What is child poverty and how is it measured?

Child poverty in Bristol

1 Response to Child Poverty

  1. andrewturvey says:

    Save the Children has released some new data on children and families in severe poverty on The Guardian’s datablog this week. This measure is more stringent than that reported in the links above, and includes material deprivation (for example, families not being able to afford kitchen appliances).

    Under this measure, 12,000 (or 16%) of 0-18 year olds in Bristol are thought to be living in severe poverty: this percentage is higher than all of our statistical neighbours except Derby.

    You can see the full posting and access the comparative data here

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