Achieve Economic Wellbeing


This document is mostly a summary of the Local Economic Assessment (LEA). Much more detail, including charts and maps, can be found in the LEA. The table below provides a summary of strengths, opportunities weaknesses and threats (SWOT) as identified in the LEA.

Strengths and Opportunities Weaknesses and Threats
Bristol’s economy is diverse without an overdependence on any one sector. There are pockets of persistent worklessness in the City
Bristol’s economy also has a high proportion of knowledge intensive businesses. There is a relatively high proportion of Bristol’s residents who have low qualification levels or no qualifications
The workforce in Bristol has high levels of productivity, relative to other Core Cities and the national average. The claimant count rate (JSA) in Bristol is relatively low when compared with other Core Cities. However, the Jobseekers Allowance claimant rate in Bristol is not forecast to return to pre recession levels before 2020.
A high proportion of Bristol’s residents are qualified to degree level or higher compared with other Core Cities and the national average. House prices in Bristol are relatively high when compared to other Core Cities.
Bristol is also well connected with easy access to London and the South East. There is limited land availability for new industrial and commercial developments in Bristol
Bristol has an attractive environment, with a good quality of life including cultural vibrancy and diversity. Bristol has the lowest proportion of low income children progressing on to higher education of any Core City.

This chapter is concerned with the Achieve Economic Wellbeing outcome of the Every Child Matters program. This is divided into five objectives:-

  1. Engage in further education, employment or training on leaving school…read more.
  2. Ready for employment…read more.
  3. Live in decent homes and sustainable communities…read more.
  4. Access to transport and material goods…read more.
  5. Live in households free from low income…read more.

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